Aluminum shutters: features and advantages

The aluminum shutters today constitute an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden or PVC variants, especially where it is important to ensure a higher level of safety, thanks to the strength of the metal and the possibility of mounting locks and armouring systems hdb door.

Another advantage for aluminum shutters is the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors, and to create structures of different sizes from the standards, thanks to the versatility of this material.

We recommend aluminum shutters to anyone who wants an innovative, versatile and elegant solution, without giving up the slightly romantic and retro atmosphere, typical of this type of blackout system.

We have been working in the field of supply and sale of windows and doors in Milan for many years, and for four generations we have been dealing with the trade and manufacture of wood, with an internal laboratory that allows us to offer a complete and tailor-made service.

In addition to aluminum shutters , we can make classic wooden shutters, perfect for those who prefer a precious and natural material such as wood, PVC shutters and roller shutters in different variants.

Why choose aluminum shutters

The aluminum shutters , as we have said, represent a versatile and easily adaptable solution to any environment and context. The wide range of colors, from the basic colors to the wood effect, to the metallic colors, allows you to harmonize with any architectural style, classic or modern, and to windows and doors of all kinds.