What Are CAM Locks?

One must have seen so many locks in their entire life and they look so inconvenient to many designers. Locks are certainly one of the most beneficial things that you can add to your design because they not only help you secure your place but also help you with the safety and efficacy of the design.

However, if you look at the lock itself, apart from the design, it looks very much weird concerning the fact that it destroys the natural design of the surrounding. There is a type of cabinet lock which is called CAM lock, which you can use by installing the same inside your cupboards and lockers.

How does a CAM lock work?

This type of lock allows the cabinets to be held in place perfectly and securely, without destroying the design of the lock or the cabinet itself. You must have seen a cam locks, Just inside your cabinets as they are placed inside and they have a very long knife type serrated blade that you can see just inside your cabinets.

These types of locks are cylindrical in shape and fit very perfectly inside corners, making them secure and safe.

These types of locks also make transportation of furniture, cabinets, lockers very easy because of the fact that they can be easy to reassemble with the help of CAM locks. The CAM lock is situated inside the cabinet, is a cylindrical metal bar, which is hollow in shape that attaches to the tongue of the accompanying bolt, which latches directly into the other cabinet.